Professional model available all over the world
Modeling is my big passion. I really like what I do. You always can see this on my photos. I like travel to different places, meet wonderful and interesting people and of course take part in creating beautiful images. For me modeling is a chance to play different roles in one life. That's why I love it so much :)

I am traveling to photographers all over the world. And i DON'T do this for holidays I do this FOR WORK. This is my full time job.

That's why I DON'T work TFP.
Only if the project is very interesting and can promote me like a model.

I do my job professionally and enthusiastically and I am expecting the same from the photographers. If we spoke about exactly day and time and we both confirmed it for me it's a deal even without a contract.
I always provide my own professional makeup, simple hair style and a big range of quality lingerie and other clothes on request.
If I make a photo tour I invest the flight expenses and accommodation. You can check my travel schedule on page "CALENDAR".
If it's DIRECT booking besides my travel tour calendar I ask to cover my travel expenses, accommodation and food expenses.

My rate is always equal for all photographers amatours and professional all over Europe.

If you want to create some special photos with some creative idea and you need I'll bring some exactly stuff, please inform me at least 2 weeks before our shooting that I'll have time to prepare everything. If you don't do that please notice I may not bring what do you want.
Also, please consider booking time it means not shooting time!
Booking time included make-up and small breaks. Also if we need to drive to different locations is also included. My working hours are calculated from when I arrive at the location, to when I leave.


Please understand, I am investing money (flights, booking hotels) in advance and when you cancel a few days before shooting it's always a difficult situation for me. I don't have enough time to find another shooting and I'm losing my money. So now I work only on prepaid basis.

For bookings you have to send 50% an amount in advance as a deposit.

If something happens from my side, I will refund the deposit. If you cancel, I will not refund the deposit.

Booking me, the PHOTOGRAPHER AGREE with the terms and conditions.

Looking forward to working with you!
Available - All over the world
Currently - Kiev, Ukraine
Let's work
Fill free to contact with me and discuss all details.